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ZERO RUST™ coats the steel with an impervious, non-porous protection barrier. ZERO RUST™ exceeds 2,000 hours in salt spray testing at 3.5 mils dry film (600 hours per dry mil) thinkness-a remarkable record of protection!

ZERO RUST™ has two superior traits: 1. Bonding to steel is excellent - we call this chemical affinity . 2. Dielectric ability is extraordinary - steel is isolated from electrolysis which converts steel to rust.

PERFORMANCE Effectiveness on bare steel surfaces is optimized at 2.5 to 3.0 mils dry film thickness. Whereas many conventional coatings do not become increasingly effective with thicker films, ZERO RUST™ achieves highly protective results with thicker films. Although ZERO RUST™ does outperform others at low film thickness (1.5-1.8dft), increases in film thickness have proven to be 2 to 3 times as effective.

SURFACE PREPARATION Remove any loose scale, dust, dirt grease or other foreign materials. Loose scale is identified by a blister-like condition and because it is not firmly attached to the metal, it must be removed.

APPLICATION Stir ZERO RUST™ well before using. ZERO RUST™ may be brushed, rolled, or spayed. It is necessary to have at least 2 mils dry film thickness. This is usually achieved by coating the surface side-to-side followed by an upward motion, coating the entire surface. Allow to dry a few minutes and repeat procedure. Apply below 85% relative humidity. It can be applied at 20°F-100°F. If thinning is necessary, use xylene. Airless spray equipment is recommended.
CLEAN UP Use Xylene or Acetone.

COVERAGE ZERO RUST™ applied at 2 mils dry film thickness covers approximately 385 square feet per gallon.

DRYING TIME ZERO RUST™ is a fast drying coating which drys to the touch in 30 minutes and is tack-free within an hour, depending on relative humidity. Normally commercial top coats may be applied in 24 hours, or after solvents have evaporated.

LIMITED WARRANTY We guarantee all statements printed on the label as well as the quality of products. If this product fails to perform as specified, ZERO RUST, INC. will replace and equal amount at our discretion. This warranty does not include labor or cost of labor for the application of any product.

CAUTION FLAMMABLE Keep away from flame or ignition source. Be sure there are no toxic fumes conditions present. Avoid additional concentrated vapors. Always have an adequate continual supply of fresh air. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

TYPICAL USES 1. Agriculture equipment - where protection from chemicals intrusion is important. 2. Heavy equipment - mining, quarries, heavy construction. 3. Transportation equipment - truck frames, trailers, wheels. 4. Marine equipment - marine vessels, dockside equipment. 5. Stationary tanks and piping . 6. Metal buildings, structural steel, railings, and metal roofing. 7. Rail equipment . 8. Restorations - seal the backside of all body panels. 9. Battery boxes .

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