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Clear Coat- Clear 100% Acrylic Sealer

DESCRIPTION: Clear Coat is a high solids (25% by volume) water white acrylic blend lacquer for use as a color stabilizer for Zero-Rust base coats.  The product has been specifically formulated for optimum ultraviolet screening and superior gloss retention with exceptional film clarity.  Cured films have excellent resistance to mineral acids and alkaline materials.  Testing experience has shown that 3 dry mils of Clear Coat over Zero-Rust exhibits gloss and color retention far superior to all air dry enamels.  Exceptionally quick dry rates allow multicoat applications with as little as 15 minutes between coats.  The finish has excellent flexibility and surface mar resistance.  Clear Coat starts off  at approximately an 80 gloss and after 10 years should still be around the 78 to 79 range.  Testing results have Clear Coat passing 850 hours of the "B bulb" test with no color change.  It increases protection performance to 10 years.

PRODUCT USES: Specifically designed as color stabilizing gloss surface coating for Zero-Rust when a gloss finish is required.  Secondary uses may include resurfacing and brightening of properly de-chalked, but otherwise sound aged finishes.  A light sanding or buffing may be required for proper adhesion providing the surface is lift resistant to Clear Coat.  Other uses may include oxidation protection for nonferrous metals such as brass, bronze, aluminum, copper and chrome.  It greatly hardens the Zero-Rust surface after a week.

APPLICATION: Conventional spray application may be accomplished with siphon,  airless, electrostatic or high volume low pressure equipment.  Thinning with xylene, or aromatic 100 (SC 100), at 5% to 10% may be necessary for some equipment.  Keytones and lacquer thinner are not recommended.  Viscosity as supplied is adequate for airless sprayers.  Tip sized in the range of .010 to .014 help reduce over application to protect from runs.  Special precaution: check suitability regarding previously painted substrate for lift resistance & adhesion.

SPREAD RATE: The objective is to achieve a 3 mil dry film uniform gloss finish over Zero-Rust for optimum protection.  Apply Clear Coat when Zero-Rust is dry to the touch i.e. when the film is dry enough that light pressure with a finger doesn't leave a print, 2 hours to 5 hours is typical. Apply same day, overnight to long. Apply material as supplied 3 coats at 3-4 mils wet or 2 coats at 5-6 mils wet when applying thinned material.  One gallon of Clear Coat as supplied will cover 133 to 146 square feet per gallon at optimum 3 mils of dry film.  Fifteen to twenty minutes between coats is all that is needed as it dries quickly.  Surface should be "tack-free" before applying an additional coat.  One aerosol container should do 4.5 to 5 square feet.  If  more than 18 hours passes, it is necessary to put diluted Prep Step Concentrate over the Barrier Coat before applying the Clear Coat.  It is necessary to make sure the bonding is stronger and better between the two products.

Physical Properties: 7.86 lbs per gallon; Flash point 76 degrees F; Solids by weight & volume 25.3% +/- 1.5%; Gloss @ 60DEG:>80; VOC: 652 grams/liter; Viscosity: 12-15" #3 Zahn cup; Dry time: 15 - 30 minutes. V.O.C.:
652 grams/liter; Solids by Volume: 25.3% =/- 1.5%. 

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