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Zero Rust Degreaser

For the grimy de-greasing of you parts, containers, etc., of metal, to the spillage or soaked concrete floor.  What makes this cleaner really work is its ability to penetrate deeply into the surface that it is applied to and then have the ability to pull it out.

This all purpose, Degreaser, saponifies fat, oil breakdown, so that the residue may be rinsed away.  There are no carbon distillates to dispose.  Here we have no harsh caustic "lye-type" cleaner base to contend with.  This Degreaser is a stronger version of cleaner than its counterpart, Prep Step Powder/Concentrate (GM#1).  Degreaser (GM#4) does require thorough rinsing as deposits on the surface will not allow coating adhesion.  GM1 conditions surface for painting.

For abundant oil and grease use Zero-Rust Degreaser (GM#4) should be mixed at 5% (1 oz. to 20 oz. water) in hot water, 125-150 F , when scrubbing; 5% in a steam jenny saponifies fats to flush off.  It pulls fats from the depth of a steel surface.  Then rinse it off with clear water.  Works the same on concrete as it does other surfaces and just like with all types of metal.  If plans to coat the surface then after a clear rinse then flush the surface again with a 1% Prep Step Powder solution or an 8:1 ratio, water to Prep Step Concentrate.  This will also work with a pressure washer at a minimum of 2500 psi.  After over 52 years of corrosion experience, owner Charley Grigsby, states this is by far the best degreaser he has ever used, heard about, or seen.  It does the best job of taking off turkey fats and lion urine, which during his experience he found to be the two toughest  applications to clean, metal or concrete.  Application temperature should be a minimum of 125 F and can go up to 190 F in a steam jenny.  It has a Ph of 14.

Zero-Rust Degreaser is classified in the hazardous material category and does require an MSDS, whereas Prep Step does not.  Prep Step and the Degreaser can be mixed and diluted with water for different applications to suit your own personal needs.  For some specific applications check with your Zero-Rust representative.  Excellent for floor or deck cleaning.  5% is 7-8 ounces per gallon of water to do a really good job.  Coverage rates will vary greatly based on density of concrete and amount of greases/oils that its working against.  Since it is now considered "hazardous" to ship and handle, rubber gloves should be used and one should avoid skin contact.

When cleaning equipment that has imbedded oils and grease, users have found that by mixing this Degreaser with equal parts volume Degreaser and Prep Step Powder (crystal), the two clean remarkably well without heat.  Air conditioning people found this mix to be the best to clean fins and coils for outside equipment of central air units.  Recommended for all tough cleaning jobs.

Hamilton Implement had been using Prep Step in cold water to clean rags and aprons.  When GM4 Degreaser was added to Prep Step, superior cleaning immediately resulted.

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