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In 1999 Zero-Rust, Inc. introduced ZR38-02, as a white elastomeric latex barrier coating.  It's a water-based styrene-acrylic binder that combines high adhesion to a variety of architectural substrates with unusually high resistance to water and alkali.  This includes both roofs and walls in a one coat application.  If a flat roof, two coats with a polyester membrane in between the two coats.  Life expectancy is 1.5 year for every dry mil so as an example, one coat at the rate of 10 wet mils (173 sq. ft./gallon) would dry to 5 mils or a period of 7.5 years.  To double apply at 20 wet mils (85sq.ft./gallon) to get 10 dry mils and a 15 year expectancy. 


Density (Lbs./gallon)  = 12.24%

Solids by water  = 68.67%%

Solids by volume  = 54.0% +?/.8

VOC 0.30 Lbs./gallon

Viscosity  = 100-105 KU

Grind = 54 Heyman Scale

Gloss =  Flat @ 60º meter

Dry Time  =  30-60 minutes dry to touch, full cure 5-7 days

Reduction/Clean-up = Water / Warm soap water clean-up

Coverage =  865 ft/gal 1 dry mil / 5 dry mils = 170-175 sq. ft./gallon

Colors  = White, Slate (Charcoal) Gray, Antique Red (Brown),  Green, and Slate Blue & list is growing

Universal shades - paste for shading

Specifications: Stir well and apply over a clean dry surface and cure in a warm environment.  All repairs should be done in advance, minimum power wash of 2400 psi using Prep Step.  On metal make sure all bolt (nail) heads are secure and tight and sealed along with the seams and all other roof protrusions.  When 90ºF or hotter, dampen surface with water before application.

Application: Apply above 50º F, when rain is not expected within 4 hours.  Brush, roll, or use airless spray (3000 psi piston type) using .025 tip for best results.  Wait at least 12 hours before applying a second coat (like on a flat roof when using membrane in between the two coats).  May be applied to most surfaces, for steel or iron prime with Zero Rust barrier coating if rust is present.

Thin 3 ounces water and 1 ounce isopropyl alcohol per cup (quart) on air spray, same for brush or roller.  If any other technical questions, contact your local Zero Rust dealer or Charley Grigsby.

Uses:   Asphalt/tar roofs, shingles, BUR, Mod Bit., wood, metal, and concrete roofs and walls; and cement swimming pools as a coating (now that's waterproofing).  Over ZR on metal fuel tanks. Campers and RV's. and siding.  Deck coating & floor sealer.  

 Revised August 2002

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