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TEXAS REFINERY CORP. (TRC) has 3 products to help protect your business in the freezing temperatures of Winter.  Magi-Melt deicer comes in 2 sizes, 50# bag, $114 and the 100# keg, $213.00.  It works down to -59° F, is environmentally friendly, has no filler so no tracking, has different size pellets to act like a time release capsule, needs only 2-4 oz. Per sq. yard, works great in gutters and sewers, but BEST, it ionizes water not to refreeze.  Rubber Patch kit comes with 4 – 1 gallon cans + a roll of reinforcing membrane (white/black) for all rubber roofs, applies down to 0° F and above.  Surface has to be dry, works on almost all substrates including sky lights.  Clear Kit = $522.00.  The 3rd product is Mightyplate Plastic Cement.  This roof cement works in ponded water down to application temperature of 25° F.  It comes in a 55 gallon drum for $979.00, a 6 gallon pail for $112.80 or in a case of 11 ounce tubes (25 a case) for $106.00 which also includes a Heavy Duty Application Gun.

Perk & Co. has a couple more products.  Their #1 seller, Zero Rust, works outside starting at 20° F and up in your choice of 10 colors, all priced different, call Tom for prices for both the aerosols and gallons.   PC128 Artic Patch, is a 3 component epoxy patch for cold temperature, and works & has to be mixed in the temperature range of -10° F to 30° F.  A two gallon kit is $98.36.  It works outside on sidewalks, steps, parking lots and loading docks on cement only which has to have a dry surface. 

 ALUMINUM COATING MANUFACTURES (ALCM) also has several winter products.

Super Seal Tape: Only this tape fixes leaks or waterproofs surfaces upon contact with the repair area, grabbing all types of surfaces.  Great for repairing, re-seaming or flashing virtually all roofs, and can be used with perfect results to install equipment curbs and skylights.  Whether repairing a roof or weatherproofing duct work, no other product is as effective or easy to use.  When temps are freezing it can be applied with an optional primer down to -20° F and stays flexible down to -70° F.  Available in black or white in 4 inch or 6 inch widths and 50 foot long rolls.  You must call Tom on prices because of this fluctuating market we are now in.  All asphalt prices have been sky rocketing.

Mag Chloride Pellets – are the most environmentally safe ice melt available.  They start working immediately at lower temperatures, leave no residue, cause less damage to concrete & metal surfaces, are safer for people and pets and are safe for use on ice on a roof.  50# bag is $52.96 and the 25# bag is $47.12.  Mag Chloride Ice Melter Flakes is easy to control, safe to use to melt ice on roofs, comes in a 50# bag and is $49.84 per bag. 90% Calcium Chloride Pellets: come in small white pellets that are the fastest deicer available.  Good down to -25° F. It gives off heat as it dissolves and out performs other ice melting chemicals in the market.  Works more efficiently so you use less, #76025, 25# square pail is $50.76, 50# round pail is $92.16; 50# bag is $62.08; and the 100# drum is $174.96.   83-87% Calcium Chloride Flake: is not as fast or as effective as pellets but are easier to control.  These are also used in tractor tires for dust control and as a concrete ad mixture.  79025 is $47.68 per 25# pail and 79050, 50# bag is $54.56.

Chuckhole Cold Patch: (-20° F) 50# bag is $35.08, 5 gallon pail is $49.95, and the 55 gallon drum is $453.20 plus shipping.  Ready to use from the bag, quick & economical repair of chuckholes in asphalt or concrete without a primer even in cool, wet weather.  A specially prepared asphalt and finely graded mineral aggregate; and has a shelf life up to 2 years in special packaging.  Wet/dry Roof Cement: A heavy consistency, trowel applied mastic formulated with refined asphalts, special fillers, plasticizers and solvents; all purpose, excellent adhesion to damp substrates; soft & pliable in all temps assuring weatherproof seal.  Applies at 0° F and above.  16 – 10.5 oz.. Tubes case, $38.80, 1 quart tube $6.50, and 5 gallon pail for $65.00.  RAPID Seal: 25# pail, $43.99.  Emergency flat roof repair, the INSTANT problem solver!  Actually seeks out, swells and seals the leak immediately when most other products won't.  No need to identify the exact area of the leak.  Stops leaks immediately, even in pouring rain, melting ice or snow.  Good to -20Β° F, coverage 50 square feet per pail.  #W0725.  It is earth friendly.

All ALCM products are Net 15 days and are billed by Perk & Co.; freight is extra.  Prices can change at any time, so please verify prices by calling or e-mailing. 

Deicer cannot be used on cement less than 1 year old, any type, as it will destroy the cement; cement takes a year to fully cure.

CK- Ice Melt: 50# bag, $57.50 per bag + freight from KC.  94-97% Calcium Chloride Dihydrate.  Billed by Perk & Co. from the KC area.

PPC BEST: Ice Chek: 20 ounce bottle $8.99, 1 gallon $33.00.  Removes ice and frost from windows.  Minimum shipping is $7.99.  Billed by Perk & Co., from Des Moines.


Sno'N'Ice™, 9002 – NSF approval for food plants, -20° F, no spalling on cement, rust on metal, & is pet safe, 50# box $42.00.  Enviro Safe - Liquid Ice Melter, environmentally friendly #LB569, 4 gal/case $148.80.  De-ice – Liquid ice melt, non tracking, environmentally safe, #DP513, 4 gal/case $129.60.  SNOW PLOW RELEASE – keeps snow from sticking too plow blades and truck beds.  4 gal/case $86.80.  DE-ICE FROST & ICE REMOVER – Instantly melts ice & ffrost.  #Q800, 12 SP/case $73.00.  SURROUND COLD PIPE INSULATION SPRAY – hard white, protective waterproof spray #Q588 12/case $115.80.  VROOM Starting Fluid – Lubricates, prevents corrosion, prolongs battery life, noncorrosive; 12-16 oz./cs $68.99.  Products are from KC area, billed by Perk & Co.

These products are sold by Perk & Company, Tom Davis, 402-467-2815 phone/fax.  Cell# 402-499-0270.  E-mail:  Web site: (Zero Rust only). 

If more info needed on any of these products, data page, MSDS, etc please contact Tom. 
Remember we have over 1500 Industrial maintenance materials, these shown here are for outside use when temperatures are at 32° F and below.  Most all our other products can still be used indoors during the Winter months. 20+ years of service, Ap. 1988 - present.

Finally got some free time, and since Winter is just around the corner I thought I should send this memo to you first.  I will send more when I get a little more time.   TOM

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