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DECRIPTION: An industrial cleaner designed to clean and prepare metal surfaces for the acceptance of ZERO-RUST. Cleans, dirt, grime, oily film, and most other contaminants. If a painted surface and sound, will not harm the paint. If rusted it will attack the rust.

UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: This product has a unique blend of a wetting agent, phosphatizing salts and esters. This cleaner requires no MSDS as it is below the minimum MSDS level of .1% of nasty materials. As per OSHA Guidelines, Section G, 29CFR1910.1200 sub paragraph C and sub paragraph 2i. At full strength it is less than .04%. That makes it 99.96% plus biodegradable. AND it is the only cleaner in the world that will clean off silicone film.

COVERAGE: The concentrate straight from the container, quart, gallon, and five gallon pail, will cover 200 square feet per gallon. Diluted at the ratio of 8 ounces of water per 1 ounce of concentrate should get you 1,000 square feet of coverage per gallon. Over a silicone surface or as a degreaser, it will work better if heated between 110 to 158 degrees and can be used in a steam jenny or a pressure washer. Full strength is recommended over heavier rust and degreasing concrete floors, rinse is needed with the diluted 8:1 ratio afterwards for best results before coating. High heat formula available at 160-180 degrees.

HOW IT WORKS: On metal it will soften and clean the existing rust for removal (if any present and leaves paint alone). It solidifies the remaining rust. It phosphatizes the surface which changes the molecular structure of the surface, creating greater Chemical Affinity. This simply means it will create greater adhesion when you put the Zero-Rust over it. By all this taking place the cleaner actually adjusts the surface to a Ph of six. When applying a paint, the most ideal surface you can have is a Ph of six. Tests on hundreds of products have concluded that their product will last 40% to 400% longer if Prep Step Concentrate is used to prepare the surface first. These tests were conducted using the ASTM-B117 salt spray requirements.

WHAT IT DOES: This process makes it possible for Zero-Rust to go directly over rusted metal without sandblasting. On cement it eliminates "acid etching." This saves the end-user a lot money that would normally be spent on sandblasting. A lot of sandblasters charge an average of $1.00 to $1.25 per square foot to sandblast a surface.

OTHER USES: Will it work on anything else? Yes, it works on almost any type of substrate to clean surfaces. Glass, glasses, windows, in car washes on vehicles, to remove wallpaper, to prep other surfaces before they are to be painted which would include interior or exterior walls of metal, concrete, plaster, wood, etc. and it leaves those surfaces at a Ph of six. It has also worked well on mastics, specially those used for ceramic tile use. And again it is the only cleaner in the world to remove a silicone film. For those of you who have not tried to paint over silicone, a couple of things can occur. One, is the paint will not stick and two is if it does it usually will have fish eyes. Prep Step eliminates both of these problems. It has also been used to wash oily, greasy rags and clothes. Super on greasy floors as well. Thus far on shop towels and work aprons only cold water has been used. However, all cleaning is more dramatic when temperatures over 110 degrees F. but under 160 degrees F. has been used.

In washing cars we have advised using a cup in 5 gallons of car cleaning solution. Rinse well with water and let dry completely. The car finish is free of all foreign films without injury to the vehicle finish. Automatic car washes use detergents of a Ph over 10, which does injure the car finish. Use either the concentrate or the available crystaline powder in water to clean the coils and fins of air conditioner to improve performance. Clean tubs and shower stalls to see how well Prep Step does in cleaning.

On a whirlpool tub add 2% of the crystals or use the concentrate in enough water to cover the holes. Using hot water circulate 15 minutes. Watch the foam and turn off to avoid running over.

For a hot water heater, shut off the inlet, drain out a little, and pour a cup of Prep Step crystals or 1 quart of concentrate into the heater. Plug up and let the water heater circulate for 3 hours. Then drain and refill with clean water. The water heater coils will be free of the salt build-up. Where the heating coils have a great build-up repeating the use may be needed. The metal prongs won't be injured but if not cleaned the heater coils may be destroyed and need to be replaced.

In the 6 year span since Prep Step has been invented hundreds of new uses have been found. Old rusty tools have been restored by soaking in a tank of concentrate for one week. Remove and polish, rust has dropped from the metal. Use Prep Step Concentrate on a cloth or paper towel to Blue a gun barrel. Remove rust from a rare antique toy with simply wiping with a facial tissue, cloth, a q-tip or paper towel. Repeat the wiping with clean white paper towel or facial tissue until all rust is removed. Remember, toys that were finished in water based paint such as hill climbers or toys such as Ives, trains and boats, were not primed so avoid rubbing these with any abrasive action - no prime - no bond. Cleaning these rare metal toys tend to prevent re-rusting, but to insure this protection, wiping with a small amount of vegetable oil has been a superior way to hold oxygen from the valuable toy surface without build-up problems. Maybe you can think of another use. High heat formula available for steam jenny's.

CAUTION: When used to clean aluminum, hydrogen gas is evolved so don't have high heat present with anything. No sparks, no matches, no blowtorches, no lit cigarettes, or else you can have major problems; also if area is not well ventilated then a mask should be worn. Mix with water only. Bleach should not be used with Prep Step.

The powder (crystals) formula for rinse off is 2 tablespoons per gallon water ( 1 ounce). To take off silicone film a minimum of 2.5-3 ounces per gallon of water is needed; hot works better than cold. Cleaning radiators should use 15% of weight. If radiator holds 1 gallon or 8.34 pounds or 133.44 ounces, then 15% is 20 ounces of powder, heated to 160 degrees F, let sit overnight, heat up again in morning, drain flush and refill and it's ok to go.
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