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Quick'n Easy Heavy Duty Specialty Adhesive Remover:  Advanced spray-on formula effectively removes both oil & water-based stubborn adhesives and sticky substances in 60-90 seconds with no stain or damage to surface!  Is safe on all automotive paints, metals, plastics, vinyl, glass, fiberglass etc.  It removes: tar, grease, oil, tree sap, hot glue gun melt, waxes, stickers, decal glue, silicone sealers, fork-lift and floor scuff marks, surface discoloration, inks, duct tape glue and more.  Reduces work time, leaves no greasy residue, user friendly – no harsh odor – replaces dangerous xylene, MEK and lacquer thinner.  Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Sign and Household applications.  Hands down: the best chemical formula to remove stubborn, sticky residues in seconds!  8 oz.  or 32 oz. #13008/13032.

The Decal-Graphic Solution:  trouble-free installations with no bubbles, even in cold temperatures or humidity.  This 3-in-1 easy-to-use formula: cleans and prepares the surface without leaving any residue … it then floats the vinyl providing ample time to reposition (straighten) graphics … and it activates the adhesive to create a strong bond between surface and graphic without need for heat guy or lamp.  One formula covers all grades of  vinyl and perfoms in extremely cold temperatures or high humidity with no lifting, bubbles or wrinkles.  User friendly neutral odor.  Each quart comes with a sprayer.  Available in quart refill bottles, economy gallons and 55 gallon drums.  #06-032//16-128. 

Rust – Prep:  new formula both kills & converts rust on contact and etches bare metal.  This fast acting formula kills rust on contact and converts it to a dry, paintable surface in 20-3- minutes, as opposed to the normal 8-12 hours required by other products.  Also, this unique formula is actually two product-in-one: it kills/converts rust or, if sprayed on a bare rust-free panel, it etches the surface like a metal prep and creates the perfect surface for paint, primer or filler!  Rust-Prep works by reacting with rust to form a chemically inert ceramic-like strontium phosphate film that becomes part of the surface.  When primed or coated, adhesion to the surface is increased because the zinc strontium phosphate film is cellular and actually creates a locking effect at the paint interface thus going way beyond ordinary adhesion.  And the zinc phosphate film results in superior anti-corrosion and welding conductivity.

Rust-Prep prevents rust bleed through and also removes scales and corrosion from aluminum, galvanize, copper, stainless steel, fiberglass and wood.  Rust-Prep dissolves lime and scales from pipes, evaporators, engine cooling systems, etc. and it bleaches rust stains from wood, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, grout, glass, brick, cement etc.  It has 100's of uses – if rust or rust stains are the problem, Rust-Prep is the solution!  Approved for automotive, marine, highway, industrial and agricultural use. Available in 16-oz. spray bottle, economy 64-oz. refill bottle and 55-gallon drums.  #35016//35064

Aluma-1 Scratch-Free Metal, Wheel Polish, & Plastic Polish:  advanced formula produces a no-scratch shine on any type of metal or plastic.  Any number of brands product a shine on metal, however, unlike those brands, our formula contains no silicones and no acids, no ammonia or grit that will scratch surfaces.  The formula is safe and foolproof on both clear-coated and uncoated surfaces – any type of metal or hard plastic.  Leaves a long-lasting clear protective barrier that retards tarnish, oxidation, film, dullness – for example, on wheels, our polymer system puts a barrier between the alloy and the dirt, making the wheels easier to clean and maintain.  Also, our unique formula combines both a polish & sealer in one easy-on, easy-off application!  Other brands simply do not seal in the shine, resulting in the need for frequent re-polishing.  And this one product covers the full range of metal deterioration:  from light to heavy – use on either coated or uncoated, billlet, chrome etc.  Also great on headlight lens covers and taillights. Aluma-1 is perfect for fiberglass boats & motorcycle windshields. It outperforms fiberglass polishes/rubbing compounds, plus it seals the fiberglass.  On motorcycle windshield plastic, it leaves an optically clear, durable coating to protect the clean surface.  And it removes tree-sap from paint surfaces without damaging paint … it leaves the spot shiny annd protected … all in one step.  It safely removes: oxidation, stains, road film, brake dust, oxidized paint, paint scuffs and scuffs on plastic hubcaps!  Simply soars above all other metal & plastic polishes!  Endorsed by too box mfg.s, truckers, tire/wheel outlets, fleets, boaters, musicians, aviators, body shops, auto dealerships and car lots nationwide.  #18-008 12/8 oz. or #18-032  in 6/32oz.

WOW: The Ultimate Detailer: light cleaner/polish adds a final shine to all hard surfaces.  Plastics, metal, rubber, vinyl, Formica, marble – all painted and unpainted hard surfaces are fair game with this light maintenance cleaner/polish.  Just spray on, wife off dust, fingerprints, smudges etc. – then check out the ultra-smooth, high gloss finish.  Contains no silicones or wax – so will not streak or smear, even in full hot sun, even on glass and chrome!  Safely removes surface contaminates without scratching and leaves anti-static, invisible clear coating that resists dust, grime etc.  Liquid has a pleasant fragrance and is non-toxic and environmentally safe.  Perfect for: eye and sun glasses, computer screens, windows, equipment, tool cases, office furniture, fixtures, automobiles, trucks, airplanes, boats, sinks, counter tops, appliances, musical instruments, janitorial maintenance, casinos, restaurants, hospitals and any hard surface. 

Body Shops love this product because: no silicones or wax – works on fresh paint, doesn't affect cure – safe & effective on all paint finishes, including clear coats – Lubricates final glazes for a higher, brighter finish – great after fresh paint buff-out (leaves rest of vehicle looking as good as the area just repaired) – Perfect substitute for silicone lubricants commonly used with over-spray clays.  Guaranteed to not streak or smear, even in direct hot sun on dark finishes (others may claim no streaks, we prove it!)  Safe and perfect as a dry wash.  Spectacular results on any hard surface including: rubber, plastic, glass (windshields), all paints, window-tint, vinyl, hard woods etc.  The ultimate body shop spray!  #27008  12/8oz.  27-016 12/16oz. and 27-128 4 Gal.

SLICK-SHINE SHOW CAR POLISH: RATED #1 SHOW CAR SHINE IN SECONDS.  Unlike typical polishes, this unique formula produces and outstanding, deep shine with easy-on, easy-off application!  No buffing required, no streaking, non-abrasive and clear-coat safe.  Formulated to meet the demands of today's new paint finishes:  clear-coat, black, dark metallic and wet look paints.  Removes light oxidation, helps hide hairline scratches, durable and weather resistant.  Excellent on: chrome, glass fiberglass, acrylic and plastic surfaces, marble, porcelain, Formica and all quality paint finishes.  Perfect for: auto, motorcycles, boats, RV’s airplanes, trucks, musical instruments, home uses, industrial plastic application and much more.  #04-008  12/8oz. bottles.

ODOR ELIMINATOR: totally destroys and eliminates offensive odors.  This product really
works!  It neutralizes foul odors at the molecular level.
  It eliminates floor mat, door panel, seal and headliner odors caused by: cigarette and cigar smoke, fire damage, sweat, mildew, pets, vomit, skink, urine, fishing gear, dead animals, and other persistent, offensive organic odors.  It is being used by cars, trucks, RV
's, buses, planes, trains, boats, industry, hotel/motels, public building, offices and homes: anywhere instant odor elimination is needed.  One container economically removes all odors from entire vehicle, room, or area.  This can also be used for spot release on specific areas such as carpet, seats, pet bedding etc.  The patented ingredient that eliminates these odors also works great in body shops; simply fog the vehicle interior is odor-free for customer pick-up, and the shop adds the cost of the can under the clean-up section of the estimate!  Approved by Penske Truck Leasing for use in their trucks & vehicles nationwide!  #43-005  12/5oz. cans.

1001 MPC POWER CLEANER/DEGREASER:  CLEANS THE HARDEST, NASTIEST JOBS, YET IT'S SAFE AND ECONOMICAL.  The Body Shop prep-wash of choice because it totally prevents fish-eyes, is totally biodegradable & is OSHA & EPA shop compliant!  This one product: removes paint over-spray, easily removes mold release agent from headers and bumpers, removes sealants & silicones, removes blood, ink, grease, lipstick stains & over-spray from rugs, upholstery & carpets, cleans paint booth & shop floors, Great for pre-paint & final prep.  Tested and proven by PPG Industries Inc. and recommended by I-CAR regional manager/instructors.   It's advance chemistry formula combines economy with environmental safety – it differs from other cleaners in the following ways:  5 to 20 times more industrial cleaning strength than other water-based cleaner/degreasers.  It is non-flammable, non-toxic, no solvent odor, user friendly and biodegradable.  It replaces harmful products and solvent applications.  Meets or exceeds city, county, and state municipal requirements and meets USDA ratings A4 and A8.  Super-concentrated, so dilutes with water for 1001 cleaning applications including removal of: graffiti, concrete stains, surface rust, paint over spray, inks & tough stains, tree sap, fire place black, grease & oil on carpets etc… degreases furnaces, engines, grease traps and much more!  Covers a wide range of applications including: automotive, aviation, construction, carpet cleaning, manufacturing, mechanical, printing, restaurants, marine, transit systems and more.  Replaces dozens of specialized, single-use products for industry, garage and home for far less money.  Finally, a cleaner/degreaser that delivers what it promises!   #15-032 Combo, 12/32oz concentrate bottles with FREE spray/mixer bottle or 15-128 4/cs gal. jugs.

Tire-Shine Tire Dressing:  water-based dressing maintains a natural, New™ Tire look.   A new approach to tire dressing!  A water-based dressing with endurance.  Unique formula maintains an authentic, new tire shine, not an oil, grease look.  It dries on the tire – doesn't come off on hands – and it won't sling-off and stain the car's paint finish.  Allows the tire to breathe – doesn't attack the tire, doesn't turn the tire brown like common solvent dressings.  Will not stain chrome or aluminum wheels.  Easy to apply – keeps tires looking shiny with little effort.  Tire-Shine's cost efficiency and high quality make it perfect for both personal and commercial application.  16 oz. and gallon sizes.  #36-016  12/16oz or 36-128 4/Gal.

Trim-ReNu:  removes wax & renews faded, weather-damage bumpers, trim, tires.  The original exterior formula that instantly removes unwanted wax and compounds from textured bumpers and trim.  Penetrates deep into the textured plastic and dissolves the was/polishes/compounds that can cause unsightly dulling and streaking.  Deep cleans & renews faded color to any color rubber or vinyl in one-step application!  Leaves durable, long-lasting protection that is fade , water & salt-spray resistance.  Great for boats: cleans & restores original color to oxidized,, faded gel-coat fiberglass – creates a slick, water repellent surface.  Great for pool/patio furniture: cleans & restores original, vibrant color to faded, discolored sun-bleached vinyl chairs, vinyl straps, cushions, umbrellas, hot tub covers etc.  Great for signs: cleans & renews faded vinyl, plastic or rubber signs, vinyl awnings etc.  It's also the Body Shop paint professional's silicone-free choice for removing (not covering up) caked-on rubbing compounds, embedded was etc. from textured trim & bumpers pieces. It is recommended by major paint companies, I-CAR instructors and PPG Ind. Training Department.  #01-008  12/8oz case #01-032 6/qt. 

Dillon Husky Leather Treatment:  conditioning cream helps maintain original color and look of fine leathers.  Conditions, softens and protects leather and vinyl.  Totally dries – leaves no oily or greasy film.  Rich, anti-static formula maintains the natural hand of fine leathers while repelling dust, dirt and grime.  Protects against the ultra-violet rays of tge sun that fade, harden and crack leather.  Extends the wear life of leather gloves, seats, dashboards and furniture.  Natural leather fragrance makes it a pleasure to use!  #37-008 12/8oz; #37-032 6/32oz bottle.
Second-Skin:  protective skin cream prevents dry, chafed and cracked skin.    Safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and fragrance-free cream dramatically improves and helps prevent dry, chafed and cracked skin.  Non-greasy, non-sticky cream absorbs quickly and dries completely – will not affect your sense of touch or clog your pores.  Body Shops use Second-Skin to protect against damaging responses from the hazardous isocyanates found in automotive paints and to keep hands from cracking and drying (independent laboratory testing demonstrated that Second-Skin provides substantial protection against skin responses as well as systemic responses from isocyanates – labb report available).  Great for airplane mechanics who work near Skydrol. Unlike conventional lotions, Second-Skin will not wash off and helps retain natural moisture resulting in smoother skin that is not dry or cracked.  Second-Skin β€œwearsβ€� off naturally with exfoliated skin cells.  It also protects skin from irritants and harsh chemicals and protects hands that spend time in chemicals, water and detergents.  All ingredients are accepted as safe by the FDA and USDA.  #34-008 12/8oz Flit Top bottle.

Trim Mold Solution:  fast & easy removal of double-sided automotive mold/trim adhesive tape.    Body Shops nationwide agree this new formula to remove double-back tape adhesive is much better than competitive products.  It removes the adhesive in 3 to 6 hours rather than competitors 24 hours! … and shop priced at $333 to $40 less per gallon!  Unlike other brands, Trim Mold Solution has no exclusions on usage – it is safe on emblems, plastic covered chrome or plastic chrome painted molding etc.  Made in USA, with a pleasant, mild odor – reusable solution available in gallon containers.  Saves money on labor too!  #40-128 4/gal.

Treated Plastic Wheel Covers:  exclusively designed by painters for painters.        This wheel cover is sized to fit 12-inch to 22-inch wheels – even fitss full size sports utility tires, even a Toyota Land Cruiser tire!  Unlike competitive shower cap and hooded maskers that only protect the outside of the tire, our cover protects the tire/wheel on both sided, ensuring that the 
tires and wheels remain paint free – so there is no over-spray clean up!  Out cover is treated for superior paint adhesion, so there is NO Flaking!  Painter designed gusset feature allows additional use as a buff-out apron to keep painters clothes clean during buff-out  Frankly, painters nationwide say: If it doesn't say Auto Tech on the cover, I won't use them and I don't want them!  As a added benefit, greasy spare parts that are typically stored inside on the rear seat or floor can be placed inside our wheel masker and tossed in the rear seat area eliminating the need for added cleanup.  Economically priced – easy dispensing from a perforated roll 100 per box.  #07-100.

3-Way Stretch Protective Spray Hood:  premium quality sock – hand made in U.S.A.   This spray hood is radically different from other hoods on the market in the following ways:  Bigger, full size cut for the most comfortable fit; Cool, extra soft 100% cotton feels great against your skin; Durable double stitched construction; and is Washable and reusable.  This 3-Way Stretch Spray Sock covers your head, or stretches to cover your mouth, or stretches again to cover you mouth and nose.  Just a few ways spray hoods are used for skin protection and cleanliness are: general painting, spraying Industrial coatings, under helmets during sandblasting, spraying acoustical and insulation materials, painting bridges, painting autos, trucks, RV's etc.  Body Shops nationwide consider this to be the premium spray sock.  #09-100  100/20 box.

Silicone-Free Tire Dressing:  professional's choice – last longer on tires.  Body Shops use this premium grade silicon-free dressing because it makes tires look their best and it last longer.  Other leading brands aren't long lasting because they are made with water and surfactants (soaps) that evaporate and wash-off with water.  Our dressing repels water and waterborne dirt and it will not brown tires!  Just spray on tire according to label directions, to get either a dull satin matte finish or a high gloss wet look effect.  Won
't harm wheels, whitewalls or paint.  Also, perfect on: Seals, Under-Hood Hoses, Engine Wires, Kick Panels, Plastics.  This long-lasting, spray-on coating gives faded tires a like-new appearance in seconds!

#16-032  12/32oz bottles case; #13-128  4/Gal. case.

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