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I hope everyone had a great Holiday season. Thank you for your business this past year.

As most know I started stocking some of the new CORE PRODUCTS CO. line in October, 2013. I plan to continue and they have more in their UNBELIEVABLE line. They started out 33 years ago with their Unbelievable Stain Remover and have kept on going. Besides the stain remover I am also stocking the Unb. Pro Stain & Odor Remover and Ridíz Odor in Desert Rain, but it also comes in lots of other aromaís as well. Let me know if you want to know them all, the newest is Mango Tango. These are liquid concentrated deodorizers. They start in quarts and go up in different container sizes.

More of the UNBELIEVABLE line includes Ink Out (stocking in quarts) a water-based pen, inks & marker Remover; Un-Goo, petroleum-based grease, oil, tar &adhesive remover; Graffiti Off, water-based paint remover; TANN-X, coffee & tannin stain remover; RUST SPOTíR, all purpose rust remover; Goo D-Solv-r, heavy duty solvent spotter for multi-surfaces; Juice Out! Dye Remover, food, drink & cosmetic dye remover for carpet & upholstery; Pet Urine & Odor Eliminator, enzyme active spotter; Plus II Odor & Spot Dissolver; bacterial/enzyme spotter; and Citrus Gel, citrus-based grease, adhesive & tar remover for carpet & upholstery. As of now I am also stocking both the Citrus Gel and the Goo D-Solv-R.

They also have 2 carpet spotting kits. This Unbelievable! Spotting Kit which Iím stocking, includes 1 16 oz. bottle of Unb. Stain Remover, 1 16 oz. bottle of Citrus Gel, 1 16 oz. bottle of Goo D-solv-r, a spotting tool and a stain removal guide. The other is Power System Spotting Kit which includes 6 different 16 oz. bottles, a durable caddy tray, spotting brush, a spotting tool, a terry cloth towel and a 2oz. Citrus Gel. Contact me for more info and/or pricing or both.

They also have a "cleaning by colors program". This includes carpet presprays, carpet extraction cleaners, Defoamerís, Carpet Surface Cleaning, Upholstery & Fine Fabrics. Their "NEW GENERATION PROGRAM is Coreís economical, neutral pH carpet care program, which will meet and exceed carpet mill warranty guidelines for stain resistant fibers Safe for wool, synthetic and color sensitivve fibers. They also have deodorizing sprays and some specialty products which include Leather Magic, Unbelievable Green, and Xtreme Orange, super strength degreaser. The Unb. Green is NSF registered for use in federally inspected meat & poultry plants.

CORE also has a couple "GREEN" product lines that are DfE, NSF, and Green Seal Certified. These are HydrOxi Pro and Green Logic. Hydroxi Pro Concentrated Cleaner is Green Seal Certified and NSF approved along with 7 other products including Cleaning Wipes, and in the Green Logic line they have 9 products like floor finish, low odor floor stripper, degreaser, glass & surface cleaner, odor neutralizer, stainless steel cleaner (NSF) and also a couple product for hardwood & laminate floors.

So now matter what types of floors you have they products to help keep clean and odor free. I do not plan to stock the whole line as they have too many products for me to do that but I do have access to their products.

Last year the line of epoxy/urethanes added a new metallic epoxy in 12 colors to their line. If you want metallic for a roof, my line of ceramic coatings has that plus also metallics in an enamel for lots of other uses. Another new product was their Super Bond, int-ext clear primer, stain killer and wood sealer. Excellent for smooth and hard to prime surfaces like PVC, glass, fiberglass, most plastics, aluminum, galvanized and anodized metal. It can also be used on certain types of roof surfaces like single ply rubber, PVC, and EPDM. It comes in 5 gallon pails from Florida. This company still has a different product on sale each month of the year with a 17% discount plus shipping.

I am also still stocking the PSI products including their caulk and their epoxy putty sticks that come in 9 different types. Also stocking are the PPC detailing products, Auto Techís Odor Eliminator, and Wet Paint, another detailing product for a waterless finish that looks like itís finish in quarts or the kit. They no longer make the 8 ounce bottles with product in it. And of course my 1st stocked products, Zero Rust and Prep Step/Degreaser.

For the first 2 months of this year Aluminum Coatings Mfg.s will be having their products on sale at a 17% discount; and so will the line of epoxy/urethanes for cement floors and walls. Some of you will get this newsletter in Jan. and some in February. Most of these sales are by the case or 5 gallon pail. Again if you need more info on either line of products please get in touch with me ASAP so you can take advantage of these sales. Donít forget Jan. still has deicer 5% off + shipping on all but TRCís ice melt and Iím stocking the Sno-NíIce so it includes freight in itís price when bought in person. Iím open 7 days a week, 8 AM 8 PM.

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Celebrating my 26th Anniversary, April 15, 2014.  ASK for other monthly specials thru out year.

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