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If your lot, has caked on oil and grease, scrap it off before cleaning the lot.  Needs to be cleaned with an industrial cleaner.  If minor grease, oil on lot then Prep Step Powder mixed in 2% solution with water will work in either a pressure washer or steam jenny up to 1501 F or in High Heat formula up to 1801 F.  If heavy deposits of grease & oil though out then steam jenny only with TRC Quadra-Klean or with the Zero Rust Degreaser and then rinse off with the Prep Step.  Q-Klean 6 gal. pail is $98.40 and the Degreaser in 6# case is $72.40, and Prep Step in 9# case is $166.80; freight is extra for all.

All chuckholes should be repaired before going on.  The best product for this is ALCM=s Cold Chuckhole Patch.  It works from 201 F to 1001 F for application temperature and withstands up to 100,000 pounds per square inch.  This is a patch and to be permanent it needs to have a base and an edge to adhere properly, saw cut it to square off.  As a quick patch, just shovel it in and drive on with wheels to compact, so the only down time is during repair.  The maximum thickness is 2 inches; if hole is deeper than that then fill in first with base of sand, then pea or marble size gravel.  No primer needed.  50# $35.26 does 5 sq.’ @ 1”; 5 gallon pail = $49.95 $9.99 gal.  covers 8 sq.’ @ 1” thickness.

            I have cement resurfacing products, several in fact from my new line of P&C Epoxies/Urethane, Mortar Patch.  Call for more in depth information and pricing.  These products are not designed for asphalt.  TRC’s Troxymite $66.80 per gallon; case of gallons, $230; 5 gallon pail, $281.25.

            For cracks I like TRC's Pourable Crack Filler, 6 gallon case $267.00,  400% elasticity in 1" wide by 2" deep cracks.  Rubberized asphalt, ideal for quick & easy repair of hairline cracks and expansion joints for either asphalt or cement lots; 24 hour cure time before paving sealer can be used over.  ALCM also has some crack fillers, one with 400% elasticity and another with 200% and a 20 year life expectancy.  Elastomeric Pavement Sealant is 5 gal. pail is $125 and Neoprene Sealant is $284 in a 5 gal. pail.  Both do 2" by 2" cracks.  For chemical resistance, epoxy crack fillers are available from both TRC & P&C.

            ALCM & TRC both have excellent sealers for parking lots with both water and solvent based materials. TRCs are all at least 50% solids with 2-4 (water-based) or 3-5 year life expectancies.  They have 6 gallon cans starting at $93.60 (w-b) and solvent at 5 gal. $82.00.  For spider “webbing@ then #1 product is from TRC, Gator Seal, 5 gal. pail is $152.00.  It's specially formulated for aging alligatored areas on asphalt parking lots & also for filling cracks in excess of 2 inch width.  Fast, easy, & ready for traffic in hours; meets all VOC & EPA standards.  ALCM's water-based Tar Emulsion is $46.25 in 5's and sealer/filler is $48.75; 55 gal. drum prices are less for both.  Asphalt Driveway Renewer also available in 5’s or 55’s.  Apply by brush or squeegee, not suited to go over old tar surfaces.  Cement stains are available too from N’wide.

            For gravel/dirt lots, Stop Dust does 1 to 4 months to control dust, depends on traffic and weather. $15.80 per gallon in 5's or $13.99 per gallon in 55's; 55 gallon minimum. 

           Always call to confirm prices as they can change at any time without notice.  Striping paint is on back.

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