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TEXAS REFINERY CORP. (TRC) has solvent-based striping paint for parking lots in both White and Yellow.  It comes only in 5-gallon pails for $243.75 per pail; order 2 and get prepaid freight; otherwise 1 pail has shipping charge of $25.

A ceramic paint company from FL. has waterborne striping paints in 5'S and 55's that also come in either White or Yellow.  The White is $181.85 per 5 and the Yellow is $203.25 per 5-gallon pail.  Freight is extra from FL.  If you want it to shine at night, then add Diamond Dust #20, clear decorative sparkle chips, to the paint when applying or after while still wet.  Call for pricing.

I also have the aerosols for striping and the machines to do the striping.  For parking lots they are solvent based with a 2-3 year life expectancy in White, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Black for $94.99 per case of 12, 20 ounce cans.  They are VOC compliant, lead free, and have a 30-minute dry time, retail $94.99 per case.  Their Athletic Field Striping Paints come in 4 colors, White, Yellow, Orange, and Flo Orange.  There are 13 total colors and the others are special orders with a minimum order of 6 cases.  They also come by the case with 12 cans, 20 ounces each and are unleaded, and VOC compliant.  A 25 case order gets prepaid freight, retail $85.99 per case.  Inverted Marking Paints are also available in both water and solvent base aerosols; 12 20 ounce cans per case in a variety of colors that are wider spray-through cap, non-clogging tip, unleaded APWA approved.  Wands to put these on with are also available.  Call for pricing as they can change at any time.

ALCM also has striping paints.  They have both solvent and water-based and they are the same price.  The White is $39.75 in 4 1 gallon cans per case; a 5 gallon pail is $193.75, $1 a gallon cheaper.  The Yellow is $44.25 per gallon by the case, 4 1'S; and in a 5 gallon pail is $216.25, $1 a gallon cheaper.  Always an exception, Safety Blue water-based is more expensive than solvent based.  One case minimum order, oil based is $50 per gallon and the water-based is $52.88 per gallon.  Always call 4 price.

Zero Rust can also be used to stripe with, but can't be driven on for at least a week.  It is solvent based and comes in 10 colors, 3 are safety colors.  They are available in aerosols, gallons, and 5's.  Call for prices or E-mail:  Davis Paint 5 gallon pail $155.30 plus freight, White, Yellow, Blue
To make any of these products stick better, I highly recommend Prep Step from Zero Rust to prep and clean the surface with first before applying any of the striping.  It phosphatizes, degreases, takes off silicone film if present, takes off rust if striping metal decks, and leaves the surface at a pH of 6, ideal for putting on any paint.  $166.80 per case, 9 pounds of powder; which mixes with 60 gallons of water.  Shipping is $22.50 extra.
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