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Metal-Prime Red-Ox 100% acrylic red iron oxide, rust sealing and waterproofing for most Metal surfaces. 5 gal. pail $206.02 + shipping.

Ultra Prime Elastomeric waterproofing adhesive primer for wood, masonry, metal (not unprimed), & most other surfaces. 5 gal. pail - $158.21 + shipping.

Chalk Force Acrylic-epoxy chalk sealer, high pH sealer and surface conditioner for concrete & most other surfaces. 5 gal. pail - $121.53 + frt.

Ultra Block High solids clear bonding adhesive high performance surface conditioner, stain blocker, wood & metal primer sealer. 5 gal. pail $253.13 + frt.

Super Block - High solids White (tintable) pigmented interior & exterior primer, stain killer & wood sealer. 5 gal. pail - $180.91 + frt.

Ceramic Shield Primer Interior ceramic primer. 5 gal. pail $109.10.

Enviro-3000 Primer Interior ceramic Zero V.O.C. primer. 5 gal. pail $114.18.

Ceramic Force Primer Exterior ceramic primer. 5 gal. pail $136.38.

Enviro-4000 Primer Exterior ceramic, Zero V.O.C. primer. 5 gal. pail $141.46.

Ceramic Shield Flat, Satin, & Semi-Gloss Interior ceramic paints. Call for prices. 20 year lim. Mat. Warranty for both Ceramic Shield and Enviro-3000.

Enviro-3000 Flat, Satin, & Semi-Gloss Interior ceramic Zero V.O.C. paint. Call for prices.

Ceramic Force Flat, Satin, & Semi-Gloss Exterior ceramic paints. Call for prices. 15 year war.

Enviro-4000 Flat, & Satin Exterior ceramic Zero V.O.C. paints. Call for prices. 15 warranty.

Weather-Guard Flat/Semi-Gloss Latex Enamel Interior/Exterior Industrial finish for most any hard surface. Great on metal, doors, and trim. 5 gal. pail Flat, $178.56; 5 gal. pail Semi-Gloss, $186.56.

Metalux Metallic Look Finish Industrial Paints & Coatings Silver, Brrass, Bronze, Copper, & Gold. Metalux Enam Metallic Latex Enamel. 5 gal. pail $498.12; Metalux Elasto elastomeric.

Stukkopatch Pre-mixed, ready-to-use, acrylic waterproofing Stucco look textured repair patch, crack sealer and caulk, White. 5 gal. pail $196.40. High solids, Sand(2740) or Rough(2741) also 12 10.1 oz. tubes per case. Case $110.79.

Permapatch caulk & sealant, elastomeric waterproofing multi-purpose sealant for roofs, walls, floors and most other surfaces. 5 gal. pail $208.19 or 12 10.1 oz. tubes case, $120.15.

ULTRA SEAL 20 year limited material warranty. Premium quality ELASTOMERIC acrylic waterproofing insulating ceramic wall coating. Class A Fire rating. High build coating with exceptional durability & weatherability. Fire retardant & excellent mildew resistance. 5 gal. Matte $187.31, or Satin 5 gal. pail $207.79, ULTRA LUSTER 5 gal. pail $196.31.

ULTRA KOTE Elastomeric Urethane industrial ceramic coating for walls, roofs, equipment, & tanks, including sloped roofs.Urethane provides excellent chemical & impact resistance. Fire retardant & excellent mildew resistance. Matte 5 gal. pail $219.03; Satin 5 gal. pail $235.88. 15 yr. Limited material warranty.

ULTRA KOTE XL maximum ceramic insulator coating & mid-coat. Superior insulating ceramic, elastomeric acrylic waterproofing, with Urethane, industrial insulator maintenance coating and performance upgrade Mid-coat for the Ultra Seal, Ultra Satin, Ultra Kote & Satin Kote three coat systems. Maximum concentration of ceramic Borosilicates & pigments enables unsurpassed SOUNDPROOFIND and insulation value. Chemical resistant, fire retardant & mildew resistance. Matte finish, 5 gal. pail $268.99. 15 year limited material warranty, 10 on roofs.

Permakote Silver Seal Silver metallic finish. Is an elastomeric acrylic waterproofing, ceramic filled, metallic look, protective industrial coating designed for most any interior/exterior substrate and can be used on most sloped roofs. Excellent waterproofing, insulating & reflecting properties with a beautiful metallic look, Matte, Satin or Semi-Gloss finish. Forms a durable rubber-like Metallic shield of protecting that expands & contracts with varying hot & cold temperatures, plus excellent resistance to thermal shock. An Energy Saving Reflective Industrial coating that offers superior mildew resistance, ceramic insulation & soundproofing, excellent adhesion and U. V. ray reflectivity. An inexpensive solution to metal replacement & renovation. 7 year limited material warranty.

ULTRA CLEAR 100% acrylic clear GLOSS protective sealer. Beautifies, preserves, protects, & waterproofs most any interior/exterior coated or uncoated surface. 5 gal. pail $187.28. Recoat every 3-5 years when desired gloss is no longer present.

ACRYLOCOAT DECORATIVE TEXTURE COATING SYSTEM is also available. Designer wall systems that can be spray or trowel applied with waterproofing acrylic.

Acryloprime Elastomeric adhesive primer 5 gal. pail $151.46.

Acrylolock Seals fresh concrete/masonry 5 gal. pail $122.94

Acrylopatch Waterproofing acrylic textured caulk & sealant to repair holes, voids, cracks & imperfections in almost any substrate. High solids waterproofing trowel grade caulk. 5 gal. pail $196.40 or 12 tubes per case, case $110.79.

Acrylobase For Acrylomesh/uneven areas. 5 gal. pail $143.74.

Acrylostuk Trowel applied stucco finish. 5 gal. pail $149.47.

Acrylosand Trowel or spray texture. 5 gal. pail $172.49.

Acrylotex Sand finish spray on texture 70070 5 gal. pail $201.25.

Acrylotex Coarse finish spray on texture 70071 5 gal. pail $206.98.

Acrylotherm Ceramic mid-coat(optional upgrade) 5 gal. pail $268.99.

Acryloseal Matte, elastomeric finish coat. 5 gal. pail $187.31.

Acrylosatin Satin, elastomeric finish coat. 5 gal. pail $207.79.

Acryloclear 100% aacrylic clear sealer coat. 5 gal. pail $187.28.

Acrylotape Polyester seam tape. 2 x 100 roll $8.01; 4 x100 roll $13.90; 8 x100 roll $26.63.

Acrylomesh Self adhesive mesh tape. 6 x 150 roll $44.89; 48 x 150 roll $311.46.

DIAMOND DUST Clear decorative sparkle glitter chips. 5 pounds, $91.53. Call for applications.

ZERO RUST Both a primer & paint in one. Chemical, heat, & abrasion resistant for metal wall, & roofs and metal decks; 10 colors with Satin finish. For metal but also works on cement & wood, and both interior & exterior. Call for pricing or check web page, as prices different as to color.

TOPS Use on roofs or walls, trim etc. Apply in 1-2 coats in White or can be tinted for extra money. This elastomeric goes on at 85 to 170 sq. ft. per gallon. $67.05 per gallon in case of 4, $268.20 or 5 gal. pail $287.50. 2 year life expectancy per dry mil.

TRC QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING >primer for metal, especially if rusted but also works on cement like inside a grain silo to stop silage acid. 6 gal. pail $97.20; 55 gal. drum $836.00. TRC WHITE C.E.S. COATING for both metal roofs and walls, ceramic. 5 gal. pail $231.50.

TRC RAINSEAL TRANSPARENT COATING clear exterior coating for masonry, brick & cement. 6 gal. pail $192.00.

TRC WHITE WATERTIGHT COATING interior waterproofing coating to seal leaks.. 3 gal. pail only $220.95 (special orders only). TRC pays shipping if order is $350 or more.

Over 1,500 Industrial grade building/grounds maintenance materials not found in local stores.

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