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In an effort to ship you our high quality Industrial products, Perk and Company uses several different shipping companies to bring you the best rate. Some of these companies include: The US Postal Service, UPS, FedEX and several trucking services. Look at the Q & A's below, it may answer many of your questions.
Note: Perk & Co. only ships products to the continental US.

I am ordering a case of Zero Rust paint, how soon can I expect to receive my order?
Orders are shipped out in 3 to 10 days, including those that come from the factory.

Do you offer second day air on your shipments?
In most cases we do offer second day air shipping, provided you have ordered an item that can be sent via air freight. There are additional shipping cost, that could be double or triple of the normal amount. Please e-mail or call us to get these rates: E-Mail US

Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we do. However, overseas shipping varies greatly from product to product, and also with weight and materials to be shipped. Please e-mail us to get these rates. Be sure to include, the product you wish to order, the product size and country and city & zip code. E-Mail US

Why are some products shipped COD and how can I find out how much my COD will be?
Most products that are shipped COD are products that are ordered in 5 gallon pails or greater. Due to the weight considerations, these products must be shipping via truck. Please e-mail or call us for the exact price: E-Mail US

What do you mean by 'Factory Ship'?
Orders that are over 300 pounds in weight may be shipping to you directly from the manufacturing plant. In this case you will have a choice to pay the shipping yourself and take a ten (10) percent discount on your order, or pay 10% of the sale price for the shipping. For shipping prices and any specials contact Tom Davis @ 402-467-2815 or E-Mail US.

Why is the shipping so high on the Degreaser Cleaning powder?
This is an extremely high powered Industrial strength cleaner, that requires the user to wear a face mask and gloves to use it. Because of the strength of this cleaner it is classified as a hazardous material and cannot be shipping via air freight. The hazardous material labeled items must be shipped via special truck with special arrangements.



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